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 Iron Brigade
Wisconsin's "Black Hat" Brigade

last updated 04/01/2006


2nd Wisconsin, 6th Wisconsin, 7th Wisconsin, 19th Indiana, 24th Michigan, Bttry B - 4th US Art.


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Niekum, Dave wrote:  I am reading Herdegen”s book and I had read  Alan Nolan’s book about the Iron Brigade and have a great respect of them. I have a friend from Wisconsin that got me interested in them so this site is a natural.  March 2010

Very Good Web Site. Keep up the good work. Harry Paige, home of the 127th NYSV, April 2010

As a native of Wisconsin, I feel that the Iron Brigade gets very little recognition, even in the state that most of the regiments were from. I think it's a wonderful thing that you are able to devote some time to spreading the word, so to speak, about this unit, that without a doubt, did more than it's fair share to bring the Civil War to an end. I was especially pleased to see that you have put down suggested reading on the unit. Most of those books are hard to find, but I've read both Alan T. Nolan's Book, and Rufus Dawes'. I definitely look forwards to reading some of the other books you have suggested, and hope to find some of them soon.  Aaron Carlson, October 2009

I have visited your homepage ….with great pleasure. Thanks. Henrik, Denmark, September 2009

"Beautiful Site".  A pleasure to visit a site dedicated to the Iron Brigade,  Best regards, Richard C. Savage, Lt Col, USAF (Ret), Franktown, CO,  July 2009

Once again, great job with the site and good luck to you in the future.  Darrin  J. Iverson,  Milton, Wi, June, 2009

I enjoyed your site and I hope you are able to continue to add more information. I especially enjoyed the personal information of the men.  Brian C.  April, 2009

Thank you very much for your terrific website dedicated to the Iron Brigade!  Kristina Scarcelli, Michigan, December 2008

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the interesting information on your website. I was really fascinated by the facts and I am now left wanting to know even more about the iron brigade. - David R. Dockery, Chippewa Falls, WI  Feb., 2007

Thank you for the outstanding website. I look forward to exploring it further. Regards, Peter Stoddard, Seaside, FL  Jan., 2007

I was searching through history today and found this web site dedicated to my great, great, great grandfather. Edwin Brown.  Thank you for this web site, Christina Browne O'Dell Jackson, Dec., 2006

Thank you for maintaining your website. Jack W. Langston, President, Oklahoma City Civil War Round Table.

 Thanks for keeping the memory of these brave men alive.  Walter Maude, Nov. 2006

I've been visiting your site from time to time recently and commend you for the work and tribute to the civil war veterans.  Thank you. Sincerely, Chuck Pulford,  Nov., 2006

A nicely put together site covering the history of one of the premier fighting units of the war. Still a work in progress, this looks like it'll be a winner when complete. If you're one of those who gets brigade, corps, company, etc. confused, check out the "Military Organization" section...a nice touch and a promising site! CWI: April, 2004