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 Iron Brigade
Wisconsin's "Black Hat" Brigade

last updated 02/28/2007


2nd Wisconsin, 6th Wisconsin, 7th Wisconsin, 19th Indiana, 24th Michigan, Bttry B - 4th US Art.


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The Best Fighting Brigade in the Army of the Potomac!


One can often read stories and see Civil War shows that inform us about Eastern Units which served with distinction.  A TV show on the battle of Antietam spent the majority of its time talking about the New York Irish Brigade.  When, for completeness sake, the show's writers choose to include a few seconds about Hookers I Corps and the Federal right, they choose to show a regiment of Black Hat covered union troops marching through a corn field.   Not much else was said.  But there are two things to note:  1)  The credit given to "Western" Units has always been less than the credit endowed upon "Eastern" units;  and 2)  When the fighting was bad, and one wants to show it, without saying too much, one just needs to show union soldiers with black hats.  Nearly 140 years latter; to show the "Cornfield" of Anteitam in action without black hats is a serious error!

I offer these other proofs:

Check out the Less is More Link.

"Probably the best fighting brigade in the army"    Historian T. Harry Williams.

"These westerners turned out to be fighters as good as any the army ever possessed."  Historian & Author Bruce Catton.