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2nd Wisconsin, 6th Wisconsin, 7th Wisconsin, 19th Indiana, 24th Michigan, Bttry B - 4th US Art.


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King, Frank.    6th Wisconsin, Co E.

Frank King, a native of Fond du Lac, WI, enlisted in to Bragg's Rifles on June 22nd, 1861.  On the first day of the battle of Gettysburg,  Frank was shot in the abdomen during the 6th's daring charge in to the rail road cut by McPherson's ridge.  He was just one of the 160 men of the 6th that would fall in that charge.  During the retreat to Cemetery Ridge a comrade saw Frank down and went to his aid.  His wound was mortal enough and such a wound was known to end in a long and painful death.  Frank begged to be shot, but his fellows only dropped their heads and moved on.  Private King is listed as having been Killed in Action on July 1st, 1861.

Frank is buried in the Wisconsin Plot in the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, PA.