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2nd Wisconsin, 6th Wisconsin, 7th Wisconsin, 19th Indiana, 24th Michigan, Bttry B - 4th US Art.


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Marston, Joseph, H.    Captain, Co. E, 6th Wisconsin

Joseph was born on June 1, 1829 in Deerfield New Hampshire.  He moved to Wisconsin with his parents, George and Lucretia in 1843 and settled near Kenosha.  Joseph joined a company of men that was forming in Appleton Wisconsin as an officer.  Unfortunately the company could not recruit enough men to gain acceptance in Madison.  The staunchest recruits then joined Bragg's Rifles in Fond du Lac which latter became company E.  Joseph and Edwin Brown both competed for the positions of Lieutenant with Brown earning the vote for 1st Lt. and Marston taking 2nd Lt.

After Brown's death at Antietam, Marston was promoted to the captaincy.  He was wounded at South Mountain, Antietam, and Gettysburg, where he was captured and escaped.  His wounds unfortunately left him unfit for further duty and he was discharged in March of 1864.

After the war he returned to Appleton and was elected twice as Mayor.  He died on September 23, 1920 at his home in Appleton.

Captain Marston is buried at Riverside Cemetery, Appleton, WI

Thanks to Buck Marston, and Sue Marston for supplying the image and additional information for this entry.  I hope to include more information as time allows, including an interesting story of a captured Gettysburg sword.