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Linscott, Anson,  Co G: 2nd Wisconsin & the Iron Brigade Band

Young Anson Linscott was only 15 years old when he enlisted with his brother Archa in Company G: of the 2nd Wisconsin.  They were from the Portage, Wisconsin area and can only image the two brothers enlisting one after the other, in the spring of 1861.  We don't know for sure but, we can guess that Anson was at first deigned because of his age.  At 15 years he could only be a drummer boy. 

So Anson enlisted as a "musician" and was promoted in May of 1862 to "Principal Musician".  Family history has indicated that he also acted as a medic on several occasions.  After most of the regimental bands were 'disbanded' he was transferred to the Brigade Band, known as the Iron Brigade Band.

During his terms of service some of the bloodiest fighting that the Iron Brigade saw was fought.  One such battle took place the day before 2nd Manassas.  On August 28th, 1862 at approximately "quarter to six" in the evening the battle know to us today as "Brawner's Farm" was fought.  This battle pitted an over confident Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson against the relatively untried Westerners.   Jackson had every right to be sure of himself as his troops outnumbered the unsuspecting men of Gibbons brigade almost two-to-one.  Further, his famous "Stonewall" Brigade had the reputation that made it nearly priceless in battle.  Here Anson saw his brother Archa, still a member of the 2nd Wisconsin, shot down.   Family history tells us that Anson ran to him saw the fatal wound to the neck and could only briefly hold his brother in his arms before duty dragged him away.

The wound was not immediately fatal but by the end of October, less than a month later Archa was dead -- the cause listed as disease.  (Family tradition indicates he was captured and nursed back to health, but the records indicate otherwise.) 

In the 1920's Anson was at the Woods Soldier's Home in Milwaukee and was a member in the home's Drum Corps.  His image follows.


Enlisted June 16th, 1861.  Mustered out at the end of his term on June 11, 1864.

Died 20: October 1924 & buried at Wood National Cemetery

Family history and image submitted by John Linscott Sr. 

John also submitted the image of the drum used by Anson at Woods which is still in the family's possession.